About us

Vision and Mission

The Foundation works to protect human rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Geneva Conventions. Its goals are to protect and help people whose rights to freedom and personal security have been violated, to support religious, ethnic and sexual minorities and to build understanding between these communities.

As activists, we are driven by the desire and need to help those in the refugee crisis and those affected by it.

The task of our Foundation is to build public awareness in the context of migration through activities such as: supporting open attitude towards diversity, in particular multiculturalism and other religions and customs, and building respect in society for different cultures, social groups, but also nature and the environment around us. We are committed to bring closer the so far unknown and unfamiliar phenomena, as well as to emancipatory actions and promoting reliable knowledge in places where stereotypes persist in order to change the resulting distrust into trust. Promoting an intercultural working environment, exchange of experiences and perspectives is also one of our far-reaching priorities.

Our Story

The Foundation was founded in disagreement with exclusion - the first activities were devoted to the education of the youngest. Trainings and workshops, democratic and green kindergartens. Shaping empathy from an early age. Synergy. Then there was the collection of clothes "for borders", which "pushed" the Foundation out of its own premises. We had to dig in at Fort Luneta Warszawska. The initiated action surpassed all expectations - Cracovians generously joined the collections and drop-offs, and a team of Senior Volunteers was formed to sort and send the aid. With time, the Foundation expanded its field of activity to include centers for foreigners, both open and closed ones. It began permanent cooperation with the Granica Group, Open Krakow, Intercultural and the Hliniszcze Foundation. In December 2021, she organised a Very Special Christmas Fair, which consisted of selling off items donated for the collection which were not used either "on the border" or in the centers. The proceeds from the Very Special Christmas Fair were used to purchase thermal imaging cameras for volunteers working at the border. On Christmas Day, the Foundation organised the action Invite the Wanderer to the Table, as part of which it managed to invite to Krakow's houses Afghani and Chechen families staying at the center for foreigners in Łuków. The custom of setting an empty table for a late traveller was finally given a meaningful content. The lasting result of this project is that three Afghan families have been brought to Krakow and found housing and employment here. They are slowly finding their way in the local community. In January 2022, Wolno Nam performed a real masterstroke in its activity - it included a refugee woman in its assistance to refugees - Masooma became a full-time employee of the Foundation, actively involved in helping other refugees.

Facing the challenges posed by fate to people of good will after February 24, 2022, Wolno Nam was prepared in terms of staff and know how. The Challenging Hope intervention hostel at Piłsudskiego Street in Kraków was set up in just 48 hours. Thanks to the joint efforts of volunteers, an empty tenement house was transformed into a cosy shelter for dozens, and soon hundreds, of people fleeing the war in Ukraine. The hostel is a place of meeting and respite. In addition to sleeping in clean bedding, refugees receive psychological, medical, pharmaceutical and legal assistance here. For children there is a playroom and animators for outdoor games. Hot meals and drinks are served in the kitchen. There is also a well-stocked warehouse offering clothes, toys, medicines, hygiene products, bedding, pet accessories, strollers, cribs, walkers and teethers. Challenging Hope is a place of support and advice as well as ongoing dialogue in Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian. Because if you have good will, WE CAN DO IT.

Our people

Agata Kluczewska


Forest Whisperer, a charismatic leader with a vision. She looks wide, aims high, but notices details, even those hidden by the ground. Vigilant and attentive to other people.

Małgorzata Koczur


The Caryatid of our world. On her delicate shoulders she carries the whole burden of responsibility for formal matters. It doesn't complain when we add more and more to it. It is good that the Caryatid has her own Atlas.

Jan Globisz


Atlas - bravely supporting Cariathid and organizing our virtual space - brings us into the 21st century of business management. Discord, documents on shared drives - everything that allows us to note down our plans and keep us on course for the desired goal.

Tatiana Kadelska

Juda Tadeusz, geographer and somelier, sheep farmer. Twisted and extremely emotional. Energetic and in a perpetual whirl of action. Extremely creative in finding solutions for seemingly hopeless cases.

Teresa Seruga

Nasz porządkowy Anioł Stróż, nauczyciel akademicki. Uporządkowana i metodyczna. Cierpliwa i wyrozumiała. Nie jest jej z nami łatwo, ale dzielnie utrzymuje porządek. Jej twardy dysk przechowuje w głowie miliony danych w sposób ułożony doskonałym algorytmem. Opoka i ostoja.

Magdalena Machała

The Virgin Madonna, girlish and gentle as if from Quattrocento paintings. The personification of delicacy and tact, the quintessence of girlish charm hides a tough spirit. Consistent and principled. Steel.

Katarzyna Rimpler

Window to the world, energetic and concrete. Empathetic like the rest. She looks for opportunities and solutions, points the way and suggests ways out. It snoops, digs and secures our activities. She finds links faster than Google.

Kasia Gajda

The Fugitive of Unrequited Sinners - has an extraordinary gift of finding among the needy those who need it most. She tenderly follows her charges, discretely watching whether they do not get into trouble. She opens the most locked doors, knocks, knocks and finds solutions. Relentless and effective.

Ania Miedzińska

The Good Soul quietly and discreetly performs the tasks it sets itself, keeping a close watch on our activity. She appears silently and makes the space around her magically tidy. Always smiling and friendly. Programmed for cheerfulness.

Tali Miedzińsky

Good Soul Junior - just like Anna, discreetly and without attracting attention to himself, implements a well-thought-out plan. He always finds the right gaps and undeveloped areas. He also shares his artistic talent with us.

Ania Masłowiec

Organized like excel, reliable like Cisco. Likes specific tasks that she completes independently and to the end. Methodical like none of us. Effective.

Agnieszka Widacka

A fluffy teddy bear in a cactus costume. A slave to a self-imposed mold that keeps her from giving in completely to her emotions.

Ania Gwiżdż

Princess Lea of our Galaxy - supports the Rebellion. Any just one. She has long been involved in social issues and stands courageously on the side of the excluded. Reliable and hardworking.

Krzysztof Mucha

Intendant of the fighters. He tirelessly travels between Krakow and Lviv, supplying the local population with bandages, food and shelter equipment. A bridge between Norway, Poland and Ukraine. Reliable and solid


Nasza Szeherezada. Wschodnia piękność w hiżdżabie. Uchodźczyni pomagająca uchodźcom. W afgańskich strojach barwna jak Rajski Ptak.