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In agreement with the newly established Foundation Z Porywu Serca, founded by Barbara Kurdej - Szatan and her relatives, we create a substantive team of helpline and support "Heart for people on the border":

The action's partner is the Wolno Nam foundation, experienced in border aid activities, as well as in actions supporting children. If you feel that you do not agree with the dramas that take place right next to us - join us with any amount.

A nightmare is happening before our eyes and history is being written. But we are not powerless! Together we can mentally support those who are now in great fear, suffering and despair. Not only refugees, but also border guards or residents - both on the border with Ukraine and Belarus. I am initiating a campaign called "A Heart for the People of the Border." Together we will raise funds for a free helpline where qualified psychologists will provide support.

Empathy and compassion are intangible, but they are what make us human.